Dr Thomas London

Virtue: charity Clan: Mekhet
Vice: lust Covenant the Carthian movement
Concept: doctor


Intelligence: 4 Strength: 1 Presence: 1
Wits: 3 Dexterity: 4 Manipulation: 4
Resolve: 2 Stamina: 1 Composure: 3
Mental Physical Social
Academics: 1 Athletics: 0 Animal ken: 0
Crafts: 0 Brawl: 0 Empathy: 3 (bed side manor)
Computer: 2 Drive: 3 Expression: 0
Investigation: 0 Firearms: 0 Intimidation: 0
Medicine: 4 (first aid) Larceny: 0 Persuasion: 1
Occult: 0 Stealth: 0 Socialise: 0
Politics’: 2 Survival: 1 Streetwise: 0
Science: 4 (pathogens) Weaponry: 0 Subterfuge: 3
Disciplines Merits
Status Carthians 2
Auspex: 2 Retainer : 3 clinic administrator
Obfusticate: 0 Contacts: 4 (local MD’s, Coroner, morbus, chicargo carthians)
Celerity: 2 Haven size: 5
Haven security: 2
Haven location: 0
Resources: 4
Staff for clinic: 2
Herd: 2 the long term care ward diseased

Blood potency: 2
Max trait: 5
Blood pool: 11
vitae per turn: 1
Can feed from: animals+

Humanity: 6

6: Grand theft (three dice)
5: intention mass property damage (3 dice)
4: impassioned crime (3 dice)
3: planned crime (2 dice)
2: casual callous crime (2 dice)
1: utter perversion, heinous act (2 dice)

Tom’s Car
Tom’s office computer
Tom’s phone


Dr Thomas London was born in London in 1895. He enlisted in the first world war and trained as a field doctor. After the war was over he was a changed man, the tragedy of Spanish flu did nothing to help that. His work on trying to help the sick and the dying came to the attention of a local kindred, who fearing the disease would kill all the kine turned tom so that the disease he had already caught would not kill him, and his work could continue. for a time Tom lived in obscurity working night shifts in hospitals. Then world war two broke out. once more tom moved out to battle. working night shifts in field hospitals and hiding from the sun as much as possible. after WW2 once more tom fell of the map until the sixties, intrigued by the spirit of free love that pervaded, tom joined the semi political movements of the sixties. through these groups he came to the attention of the Carthians, and has been a member in good standing ever since. the movement helped him escape some trouble in London, he put himself in to a period of torpor and the movement relocated his sleeping form to the states. to pay back the movement once he awoke he set up the first London clinic, a private hospital for those who prefer to have anonymity. the first clinic was such a success he has been doing it ever since, moving from city to city whenever questions began to be asked about his unchanging face, or as the Carthians need

Dr Thomas London

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