VtR:After Sunset

Session Guide

A summary of our Game Play

This is a log of sessions from the 23rd of November. The actual Skype Logs will be linked to. Seji has kindly put up numerous sessions worth of the old skype logs. If I ever get the time I will produce annotated summarys for those sessions as well.


23/11/12 2exp Carrie and Tom are at the the University researching the strange eygptian architect Root. They have passage past the watchful eyes of the Ordo due to the intercession of Laurel but can not find useful information. The mysteriouse Paniwi who is known to Tom but not Carrie joins them. After reciving a strange phonecall that seems to come from Eva’s phone, Panawi leads them to an ally in which the babbelling nearly insensate Eva is discovered, stained with honey and in possession of the documents they could not find in the library. During this time Laural was conducting reconnisence in the form of a bat. ( ooc and Jan was helping me set up this wiki)
30/11/12 1exp
2013-01-18 2exp After meeting at their regular cafe; Carrie, Tom and Eva retire to Toms clinic so that Eva may use her divination abilities to learn about their situation regarding the Architect Root’s building plans. After the ritual was cast, it is discovered that the deity Upuat has been summoned and is anchored in Chicago, possibly near the funeral parlor the group originally found. It is believed that the God’s presence is the cause of the strange coinsurances in the city.

A meeting of the Cotierie at the Cresent Moon…TBC


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